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Staircase PTFE plate

Staircase PTFE plate

Description:Staircase PTFE plate China

YANGZHONG TIANYOU SEALS CO.LTD produce various specifications staircase PTFE plate,cut length and width according to customer's drawings,construction institute design staircase thickness standard 5mm thick,but can do non-standard thickness according to customer needs.

Performance characteristics:
1. strong acid resistance, strong base, almost all chemical medium, molten alkali metal and element fluorine, etc..
2. outstanding insulation performance, aging resistance, good climate resistance.
3., the friction coefficient is low, it is difficult to bond, easy to install and disassemble
4. clean product, can be used in food, medicine and other non polluting sealing parts
5. high mechanical strength, turning performance is good, easy to process into different sealing products.
5. line expansion coefficient is low, easy to produce cold flow after compression, high temperature creep or stress relaxation phenomenon, not suitable for high temperature and high pressure parts.

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