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PTFE flange Gasket

PTFE flange Gasket

PTFE Teflon seals manufacturer / supplier in China, offering PTFE Sealing Gasket,expanded PTFE,Pure PTFE packing and so on.

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PTFE Gaskets

Properties and Application

PTFE gaskets are one of the most suitable types of gaskets for a variety o sealing applications and are mostly based on virgin PTFE or filled PTFE. PTFE gaskets provide an extensive range of applicability. PTFE is a fluoropolymer, which features an outstanding chemical resistivity to almost all chemicals, good thermal insulation properties, and useful mechanical and processing characteristics. The can be mostly used in valve seats, bearings, requested to resin sliding and chemicals, elastic band for un-lubricated compressors, O-rings where elastomers can not withstand. An extended range of improved mechanical and processing properties can be additionally reached by combination of virgin PTFE and different fillers. Different combination offer a variety of different properties describet in the following table.

FillerImproved properties
Glassenhanced wear resistance / chemical resistance
Graphiteextremely low coefficient of friction fairly good compressive strength / good wear resistance
Carbongood thermal resistance / resistance to deformation
Bronzeenhanced compressive strength good wear resistance / high thermal conductivity

Expanded PTFE gaskets and seal materials consist of virginal PTFE with multidirectional fibrous and / or porous structure, which the extruded PTFE consists of. A special manufacturing process provides the material with special chemical and physical properties. This can be of advantage in wide range of the applications.


Virgin PTFE, PTFE compounds and expanded PTFE offer a wide range of compounded products with good mechanical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties, chemical resistance, low friction coeficient and good resistance to wear.

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