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Why building stairs must use teflon plate??

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 08, 2017

Why building stairs must use teflon plate?
Why building stairs must use 5mm Teflon plate?
The answer is yes!
1., the state attaches importance to the residential safety of the residents.
The frequent occurrence of natural disasters caused;

2. stairs damage cannot escape and rescue;
3. PTFE lubrication is small, play a buffer role in the earthquake.
Polyethylene PTFE construction process is introduced in detail the stairs:
1.Clean up the stairs surface, a sharp particle object is not allowed;
2. laying fresh film;
3. laying polyethylene PTFE plate for stairs;
4. bolt fixation (attention: spacing, margin);
5. communicate.

The stairs 5mm thick polyethylene PTFE test report, certificate, single material.

PTFE is known in solid materials with minimal friction coefficient (smaller than ice), at the same time in the production of Teflon plate is pressure greater than 30MPa, the tensile strength of the product itself is more than 15MPa (equivalent to C15 Quan building in the tensile strength) was more than 150%, use it at the site is valued in two points: excellent lubrication and reliable strength and tensile rate.