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What should we do after we buy PTFE gasket?

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 08, 2017

PTFE gasket
What should we do after we buy it?

PTFE gasket storage is also a relatively worthwhile consideration, our factory as a professional PTFE gasket manufacturer, come to study with us today!

The storage time of PTFE gasket elements to note is the temperature, temperature has a great influence on many products, a seal element is also very important, usually in the storage of PTFE gasket to ensure that when the ambient temperature at 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature beyond this scale do not place too long.

The packaging work of PTFE gasket should be done well, not damaged, and it will touch the air after being damaged, and all kinds of impurities in the air will affect the use of it, so we should pay attention to maintenance.

PTFE gasket can not be bright light, if in such an environment for too long, it will be very easy to appear failure phenomenon, which will form a very large loss.

The correct method should be used to ensure the use of PTFE gasket. Carefully inspect the flange, bolt, nut and the quality of PTFE gasket before the device, carefully observe the flange or interface device status with the high water base plate price, and have the defects of partial mouth, wrong mouth, mouth opening, wrong hole, etc.. It is necessary to clean the surface of the flange or seal, and the mechanical impurities are not allowed to be adhered on the outside of PTFE gasket, bolt and thread. The product can not be biased, should ensure uniform compression. Tighten the nut, the force should be uniform, the bolt should be symmetrically and evenly divided 2~3 times tightened, so that the product pressure uniform.

PTFE gasket is suitable for bio pharmaceutical, food, chemical, oil refining, military, ship, aerospace, mechanical and other high sealing, high corrosive environment. Heat exchanger, FRP, tightening frame flange, steam vessel flange, liquid and gas system, water system, electric fan rack and other construction sites. Durability, weather resistance, high safety, used for industrial leak sealing.