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What is the application of PTFE tube in anticorrosion?

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 30, 2017

The problem of corrosion is a serious problem both at home and abroad. The annual loss caused by corrosion is quite surprising. Alloy, ceramics, graphite, rubber, glass and other materials due to some performance deficiencies, are common for those harsh conditions of temperature, pressure and medium conditions, it is difficult to meet the requirement, but the Teflon F4 material after special processing can be simultaneously meet these requirements of synthetic materials ideal. And it has become the key of atomic energy, petroleum, chemical, textile, food and other industries indispensable anti-corrosion materials.

As polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and above all sorts of practical performance, make it useful in many fields of the national economy display skills to the full. Insulation such as chemical corrosion of pipelines and equipment on the lining and coating, hydraulic filter materials, high temperature ultra pure material delivery hose, bridge sealing washer, low friction resistance of a variety of harsh environment, various types of retractable slider oil free piston ring, high temperature and high frequency electronic instruments, no oil cooking cooker release coating the human body, blood vessels and heart lung substitutes and so on, it is only in these areas of use.

Tetrafluoro corrosion resistant pipeline -- fiberglass reinforced tetrafluoroethylene pipeline and its accessories

PTFE pipe can be used as a pipeline corrosion or viscous liquid, can also be used to transport corrosive gas pipe, the exhaust pipe and the steam pipe etc.. Because PTFE low mechanical strength, pressure difference, linear expansion coefficient, and its mechanical strength due to temperature decrease, easy to deformation, especially under high temperature and high pressure when the contradiction is more prominent, therefore, PTFE pipe and pipe fittings must to glass or metal tube and steel. The connection between them is a tight lining tube of the tetrafluoroethylene tube, that is, the glass steel and the tetrafluoro tube are bonded into a whole. It can overcome the problems caused by different linear expansion coefficients of different materials, and it can be used as a transportation pipe to withstand the negative pressure system, and it can prevent the corrosion of pipeline by atmosphere and environment. Because some of the fluid at a certain velocity often and wall friction, easy to produce static electricity caused the wall breakdown, should take measures to equal potential conductive to prevent, or pipes and fittings in forming when adding carbon ink, to prevent the generation of static electricity and reduce the size change caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

PTFE pipes and fittings glass reinforced PTFE glass has the advantages of steel and the two. It not only keeps the excellent performance of PTFE, with steel glass, but also has the advantages of light weight, convenient installation, corrosion resistant, negative pressure resistance etc.. If the fiberglass reinforced pipe and its accessories with unsaturated polyester as adhesive are used for a long time at a temperature of about 100 degrees C, the vacuum degree can reach 760mmHg column.

Flange with polyvinyl butyral modified phenolic glass fiber compression molding products as raw material, acid resistant rubber gaskets for sandwich gasket PTFE plastic coat. Although the "Chlordimeform" use of chlorine, phosgene and 2~18% in the production of hydrochloric acid and other corrosive materials, and toluene as reaction solvent and reaction temperature range is large, need to go through from the low temperature of -10 DEG C to +110 DEG C through phosgene toluene total reflux temperature and repeated, chlorination in water directly chlorine, hypochlorous acid and other corrosive substances have strong. But the effect of customer feedback on the use of fiberglass reinforced tetrafluoroethylene pipes is very good. In the ordinary pipeline before every ten days to repair time, using glass fiber reinforced PTFE tube after continuous operation of the production process more than seven months, either itself or the connected pipe seals, there was no corrosion damage or leakage phenomenon, not only the operational environment is greatly improved, but also to reduce because the pipeline corrosion was shut down to production losses, thereby saving maintenance costs.

PTFE Chinese name is polytetrafluoroethylene, F4, tetrafluoro. Has a series of excellent characteristics of high temperature, long-term use temperature of 200 DEG C; low temperature resistance at -180 DEG C is soft; corrosion can cut regia and organic solvent; weathering the bestaging life; high insulation volume resistivity of 1018 European marriage cm, and the changes of dielectric properties and temperature almost and frequency independent; high lubrication with plastic static friction coefficient is the smallest; don't stick with solid material in minimal surface tension and adhesion of any material; non-toxic has physiological inertia, are advised to contact with blood.