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Sealing characteristics of PTFE gasket

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2017

PTFE gasket in the valve flange bolt, the pressing force is applied to the PTFE gasket, gasket preload is compressed, the sealing surface uneven micro gap is filled, so as to prevent media leaks, forming the initial preload than pressure sealing conditions - sealing surface.

When the pressure of the medium rises and the valve is operated, the preload of the sealing surface decreases, and the rebound of the PTFE gasket comes back. If the PTFE gasket has enough resilience, the sealing face sealing pressure is always greater than the medium and the operation pressure is relatively high, then the sealing surface to maintain a good sealing state...... It can be seen that the necessary condition of forced sealing is that the sealing surface can still hold a certain pressing force under the action of medium and operating force.

It should be stressed that in forced seal, the medium pressure tends to reduce the preload and seal pressure, and reduce the sealing performance. The typical structure of PTFE gasket in forced seal is flat gasket seal, winding gasket seal and tooth gasket seal, which are usually used in low pressure, medium pressure and small and medium caliber valves.