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PTFE Tube Resistance To Erosion

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

PTFE Tube Resistance to erosion

Is the use of high-quality plunger extrusion pipe, the use of special processing technology, so that steel pipe and plastic pipe close together, can withstand positive pressure 1.6Mpa, negative pressure: 77Kpa; can be in -60 ℃ ~ +260 ℃ normal use, Has a reliable and excellent resistance to erosion. Transport high temperature of the strong corrosive gas, liquid, which is other pipes can not be replaced.


Wire insulation sheath, aggressive fluid medium pipe, all kinds of high frequency used in the electrical insulation parts.


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has a very excellent chemical chaos, the ability of all strong acid, alkali, strong oxidants, and a variety of organic solvents do not play a role. PTFE use of a wide temperature range, under normal pressure can be used for a long time -180 ℃ ~ 250 ℃, 250 ℃ high temperature treatment 1000h, the mechanical function changes little. PTFE has a very low friction factor, is a good anti-friction, self-lubricating material, the static friction coefficient is less than the dynamic friction coefficient, so the bearings used to produce a small starting resistance, smooth operation of the strengths. Because PTFE is non-polar, heat and non-absorbent, so it is a good electrical insulation material. Also has excellent resistance to aging, non-sticky and non-flammable.

It is widely used in machinery, chemical industry, aviation, electrical and electronic, national defense industry, cutting-edge technology, medical and health and electrical insulation. It is widely used in machinery, And other fields. With flexible Teflon pipe protection equipment, leaving enough space near, will not affect the rubber joint displacement function, and can make the PTFE pipe and external fill block, but also make the quiet sliding device two tube, There is no resistance, so the backfill on the pipeline equipment flat ground. Auto accumulation of heavy objects or equipment is not affected. PTFE pipe ground equipment two semi-circular hollow, rubber head and tube flat welding flange all into the body, both ends of the two semicircular small aircraft ride on both sides of the flange outer wall, two vertical surface to support the depth of the soil on the basis of , Enough to accept external pressure load.

The equipment is equipped with the number of pairs of fastening bolts, equipment, equipment. Method Equipment: PTFE pipe equipment PTFE pipe protection equipment Asphalt coating Antirust paint, reduce the 1/2 protection device in the upper 1/2 protection device, lock the bolt to tighten the convolution (pay attention to the equipment in an intermediate bearing PTFE pipe guarantee Equipment protection equipment asphalt coating anti-rust paint, PTFE pipe backfill, ramming, solid three chords and cushion, laying the ground (preferably a permanent symbol in the appropriate position, in the next point of view, that is, the location of the replacement ).