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PTFE Tube Low Temperature Flexibility

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 08, 2017

PTFE Tube Low temperature flexibility

Polytetrafluoroethylene heat shrinkable tube is a polytetrafluoroethylene dispersed polymer resin by pressing, sintering, heat treatment, after inflation made in the heating with the ability to shrink the thin-walled pipe. In addition to its all the excellent performance of PTFE material, but also has a heat shrinkage close to the protective layer, covered in other parts of the workpiece, so that the workpiece has corrosion resistance, oil, electrical insulation, anti-stick, low temperature flexibility Highlight performance. The following to briefly introduce the PTFE material by pressing, sintering, heat treatment, inflation and other process forming heat shrink tube processing technology.

Heat shrinkable tube flame retardant, insulation, temperature performance, soft and flexible. Heat (70-90 degrees) will shrink, widely used in a variety of wiring harness, solder joints, inductors, insulation protection, metal pipe, rod rust, corrosion. Heat shrinkable casing is a kind of heat shrinkable packaging material, heat shrinkage, according to the material can be divided into pvc heat shrink tubing, pet heat shrink tubing, irradiation cross-linked pe heat shrink tubing, 10KV high voltage busbar protection Heat shrink tubing, 35KV high pressure busbar protection heat shrink tubing, plastic double wall heat shrink tubing, imitation wood grain heat shrink tubing. Generally used in the wire and cable and other exposed, connected, cross the part, through the use of hot air blower can make it tight, play insulation, protection and other functions.

 ● Technology: the material mixing temperature should not be too high, after mixing at 30 ℃, stored in sealed containers 24h; in the billet pressure of 0.98 ~ 2.94mpa preform; material temperature 30 ~ 35 ℃, die temperature 50 ~ Drying at a temperature of from 100 to 250 ° C, a sintering temperature of 390 to 400 ° C or a drying temperature of 210 ° C and a sintering temperature of 370 to 380 ° C for 30 minutes in a continuous process, Inflated in the expansion furnace, the inflation temperature of about 310 ℃, compressed gas pressure 0.98mpa below, the inflation rate of 200 to 400% (that is,

Large 1 to 3 times); the final quench.

● Performance: Teflon in the processing of stress generated after the forced high-elastic deformation, this deformation is reversible, low temperature to make it frozen, if reheated, frozen forced high elastic deformation will gradually disappear and return to its original state.

● Uses: The use of PTFE heat shrinkable tube heat shrinkage characteristics, covered in other working surface, so that the workpiece with corrosion resistance, electrical insulation and anti-stick, widely used in chemical, printing, electrical and mechanical industries in.

 ● Recipe:

 Polytetrafluoroethylene resin emulsion: 100 grams (particle size ~ 500um, the performance density of 450 ~ 550g / l)

Suction: 20 to 22 grams

Calcium carbonate: 10 grams

Paraffin: 0.5g