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PTFE Tube Long Heat Resistance

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 20, 2017

PTFE Tube Long heat resistance

Teflon tube and polyethylene tube, at first glance the name, is nothing more than our polytetrafluoroethylene tube more "tetrafluoroethane" word. However, compared to the polyethylene pipe, our pipeline has a very significant advantage. Where is the detailed performance?

First of all, Teflon tube long-term heat-resistant temperature can reach 280 degrees Celsius, the instant can be high temperature 320 degrees Celsius. While the polyethylene pipe heat temperature at 150 degrees Celsius, it has been deformed.

    Followed by the performance of anti-corrosion, the PTFE tube also has a significant advantage. Whether it is acid, alkali, reducing agent is still oxidant, can not feel it; and polyethylene pipe, it will be oxidized by the acidification of softening.

    Third, the Teflon tube has a high flame retardancy and is only ignited when the oxygen content reaches 95%. This environment is generally no way to achieve, so, under normal circumstances it will not burn, and off the fire to destroy. While the polyethylene pipe will be easily lit, and will spontaneous combustion.

    Of course, polytetrafluoroethylene pipe has so much superiority, but also doomed its price will be higher than the polyethylene tube. But so many advantages still can not bury its talent, there are still more and more customers favor it! Why is polytetrafluoroethylene pipe better than polyethylene pipe machine? Here we have to look at the differences between them.

    1, heat resistance. Polyethylene tube at 150 ℃ will be deformed, and PTFE can be resistant to 280 ℃, instantaneous temperature up to 320 ℃.

    2, resistance to erosion. Polyethylene tube is resistant to oxidation of acid; polytetrafluoroethylene pipe is more resistant to erosion, it is resistant to acid and alkali resistance agent.

    3, flame retardant. Polytetrafluoroethylene pipe can be lit, and will spontaneous combustion; PTFE tube is not easy to burn, it is difficult to point and a fire on the off, because it is greater than 95% oxygen content when the flammable.

    4, a sub-price of goods, polytetrafluoroethylene pipe more expensive than polyethylene pipe.

    Teflon tube is mainly anti-erosion, high temperature used by the material. Because the heart bypass surgery will be used, some of the requirements of the food industry will be used for packaging.

    Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) uses the industry Chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, chlor-alkali, acid, phosphate, pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical fiber, dyeing, coking, gas, organic synthesis, nonferrous smelting, steel, , High-purity products produced (such as ion-exchange membrane electrolysis), viscous material transport and manipulation, health requirements of highly stringent food, beverages and other processing production part.

Teflon tube is divided into F4, F46, the appearance and nature of these two products are different. F4 refers to polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene, so you said the PTFE tube should be polytetrafluoroethylene tube. Teflon pipe according to the raw materials are divided into imported materials, domestic materials; in accordance with the requirements of the process and the use of pressure pipe, plunger tube, direct tube, indirect tube and capillary, you said this product, I decided not to use In the wire and cable or automotive industry, if it is the case of capillary or push the tube, mainly depends on the need to use the product environment and technical parameters. There are other questions you can contact us at any time.