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PTFE Sheet Its Non-sticky

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

PTFE Sheet Its non-sticky

Teflon sheet application:

A, the use of its low coefficient of friction characteristics, for offshore drilling rig deripel veneer, dock slippery veneer, river dam gate slide veneer, bridge telescopic support slider veneer, a variety of machine tools, boring machine , Grinder, planer sliding guide veneer;

B, the use of its non-sticky, for the sugar industry, the apparel industry, food and tobacco baking conveyor belt, printing and dyeing industry anti-corrosion anti-corrosion of the various guide roller coating;

C, the use of its excellent dielectric function for the thermal power station, electrolytic cell, seal ring, electronic appliances and electronic computer industry, printed circuit, complex copper substrate, all kinds of cutting-edge and special equipment components;

D, the use of its chemical chaos good characteristics, can be mainly used for petroleum, chemical, chemical industry, large-scale pipeline gasket, lining, large valve valves, diaphragm, a variety of reaction vessels, storage tanks, Trays, distribution boards and so on.

Modified polytetrafluoroethylene board is our latest research and development of a new type of PTFE products, it is more than ordinary PTFE to be soft, and harder than the expansion of PTFE, is suitable for pressure under a medium of the best medium Sealing material, which is made by the advanced production process of the modified modified polytetrafluoroethylene high elastic soft products, to provide high-quality fibril effect, to solve the ordinary polytetrafluoroethylene creep relaxation and cold The problem, in many aspects of the performance of more than the import of the expansion board and a variety of imported modified PTFE filled plate, a large number of the use of performance proof, is completely replace the import of PTFE structural modified materials, and its Reasonable price, there is a high price.

Production of packing technology with leakage control ability, high water saving, good emission control, can work in high pressure and high speed, can withstand process chemicals, and can reduce the shaft or sleeve scratches and many other advantages. Our polytetrafluoroethylene gaskets, PTFE sheets and other technologies provide considerable stability, with enhanced synthetic materials for excellent sealing performance and reliability. Our Teflon Seals provide fast, easy-to-use, high-reliability, durable seals. Teflon products can be called "Teflon products", "PTFE products", "PTFE products", "Teflon products", "plastic king" and so on. But our new partner came to Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd., he said that the need to buy PTFE products, we mentioned in the negotiations Teflon products do? He is very strange and does not think that Teflon is Teflon, and can not be a good distinction between Teflon and PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, so we come together to understand what is Teflon? Differences between PTFE and PFA!