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PTFE Sheet Introduction And Use

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2017

 PTFE Sheet Plastic sheet refers to the plastic raw materials (particles) in the plastic extruder or plastic calender heating, melting, squeezing or rolling out the thickness of about 0.25-1.00mm plastic coil. Plate thickness greater than 1mm (the most thick up to 40mm) [1].

Such materials are PVC, PE, PP, HIPS, ABS, PC, PS and so on.

Features: good heat resistance, good chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, electrical insulation performance is reliable, good health, with excellent chemical stability.

 PTFE Sheet Synthetic resin is the most important component of plastic, its content in the plastic is generally 40% to 100%. Due to the large content, and the nature of the resin often determines the nature of the plastic, so people often see the plastic synonym for the plastic. For example, the polyvinyl chloride resin and PVC plastic, phenolic resin and phenolic plastic mixed with. In fact, resin and plastic are two different concepts. Resin is an unprocessed original polymer, it is not only used in the manufacture of plastic, but also paint, adhesives and synthetic fiber raw materials. The plastic in addition to a small part of the 100% resin, the vast majority of plastic, in addition to the main component of the resin, but also need to add other substances.

 PTFE Sheet According to the variety of single and multi-layer, flat and corrugated board, foam and no foam, a single material and heterogeneous material compound points.

According to the different processing, divided into: laminated, extrusion (the most simple molding process), rolling.

According to the use of different, can be divided into: food grade, medical grade and general level.

  PTFE Sheet Plastic sheet (plate) material is widely used, can be made containers, storage tanks, pads, electrical insulation materials. In the automotive industry, the hospital industry with a large number of decorative panels, anti-skid pads, etc., in the food industry, the hospital industry with non-toxic plastic sheet as a packaging. In the industrial, commercial, construction and other plastic sheet has also been widely used.