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PTFE Sheet Extensive Range Of Applications

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

PTFE Sheet Extensive range of applications

Polytetrafluoroethylene is the most important of plastic. It has a wide range of properties such as wide temperature range (-250 ~ 260 ℃), good chemical stability, excellent dielectric properties, self-lubricating property and anti-sticking properties. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications.

 In the chemical industry can be used as anti-corrosion materials, can produce all kinds of anti-corrosion parts, such as pipes, valves, pumps and pipe fittings and so on. Chemical equipment, can be made reactor, distillation tower and anti-corrosion equipment lining and coating.

Mechanical, can be used as self-lubricating bearings, piston rings, oil seals and seals and so on. Self-lubricity reduces machine wear and heat, reducing power consumption.

Electronic appliances, mainly used for the manufacture of various wire and cable, battery electrodes, battery separator, printed circuit boards and so on.

In the medical materials, the use of its heat, water, non-toxic characteristics, can be used as a variety of medical equipment and artificial organs of the material. The former, such as disinfection filters, beakers, artificial heart and lung devices, such as artificial blood vessels, heart and esophagus.

Polytetrafluoroethylene has a chemical resistance compared to other plastics, it has been widely used as a sealing material and filler material.

Polytetrafluoroethylene used as engineering plastics, can be made of PTFE tube, rod, belt, plate, film and so on. Generally used in high performance requirements of corrosion-resistant pipes, containers, pumps, valves and the system of radar, high-frequency communications equipment, radio equipment. Dispersions can be used as insulating dipping solutions for various materials and metal, glass, anti-corrosion layers on the surface of pottery. Various PTFE ring, poly PTFE gasket, PTFE packing and other widely used in various types of anti-corrosion pipe flange seal. In addition, can also be used for spinning, Teflon fiber - fluorine (foreign trade name Teflon).

At present, all kinds of PTFE products in the chemical industry, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, military, aerospace, environmental protection and bridges and other areas of the national economy played a pivotal role. Polytetrafluoroethylene is widely used in valves, flanges, petrochemical, military, pharmaceutical, food, chemical fiber textile, shipbuilding, machinery, automotive and other fields. The main technical indicators of the product: density g / cm3; 2.16-2.2, high temperature ℃ ≥ 150-180, low temperature ℃ -180, hardness (Shore d) 60-80, friction coefficient ≤ 0.2, compression rate (%) ≥ 14, the rebound rate (%)> 14, tensile strength mpa ≥ 18, wear g <0.2, bending strength mpa10-12. This product is resistant to strong acid and alkali on the solvent, chemical masonry good, electrolytic, anti-aging, oil, abrasion resistance, bending, tensile strength and so reached the corresponding national standards. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plastic

(F4) Teflon (PTFE), also known as fluorine plastic -4 (F4), by the pyrolysis of tetrafluoroethylene, by suspension or emulsion polymerization derived. Polytetrafluoroethylene commonly known as "plastic king", with a wide range of high and low temperature range, comprehensive performance, is the defense and civilian industry excellent engineering materials. Specific gravity: 2.1-2.3 g / cm3 Shrinkage: 3.1-7.7% Molding temperature: 330-380 ℃ PTFE material performance 1, long-term use temperature -200--260 degrees, excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, for all chemical Products are corrosion-resistant, friction coefficient in the lowest plastic, there are good electrical properties, the electrical insulation from temperature, "plastic king," said. 2, was transparent or translucent state, the higher the crystallinity, the worse the transparency. Raw materials are mostly powdered resin or concentrated dispersion, with high molecular weight, high crystallinity of the thermoplastic polymer. Suitable for the production of corrosion-resistant parts, wear-resistant wear parts, seals, insulation and medical equipment parts.