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PTFE Seals Reciprocating Seal

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 16, 2017

PTFE Seals Reciprocating seal

The new structure of the extension of the PTFE seal is used in reciprocating seals

(1) new oil seal: equipped with a test seal (rotary seal) leakage of the sensor can be used for equipment leakage online status detection.

(2) EVD intelligent seal: hydraulic cylinder seal wear and deformation, through a special device, adjust the internal pressure of the seal (elastomer), automatically adjust the amount of sealing the seal to restore the sealing function. The structure can be used for equipment with very high reliability requirements (such as servo hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic hydraulic cylinders), has been in the large hydropower station hydraulic system, offshore drilling platform and other seals are very complex occasions to be applied.

(3) SETCOAirShieldTM Seal: The new SETCOAirShieldTM sealed spindle incorporates the advantages of a friction seal and a labyrinth seal. The compressed air is tangentially fed into the circulation slot of the fixed front bearing, together with the spindle to form a closed labyrinth. When the air flows around the main shaft in the tank, similar to the eddy current movement will produce uniform pressure, the distribution of uniform flow of air. It is combined with a flexible sealing lip that exposes the dirt from the spindle, primarily the bearing.

(4) Teflon seal structural innovation: PTFE seals derived from a number of new structures, used in reciprocating seal, rotary seal and static seal, such as AQ seal, PTFE-V ring, pan plug and so on.

(5) fluid dynamic effect structure: the friction surface of the seal on the opening of the hydrodynamic spiral groove, the oil film will be the role of the tank pumping to avoid leakage. Power trough has not only been applied to oil seals, but also in reciprocating seals also have applications. Such as the new low-friction polyurethane Y-ring LF300 inner seal lip lower design for the wave-shaped friction interface, the root of the wedge-shaped chamfering, anti-slot extrusion ability, with strong storage capacity, friction, smooth operation and sealing ability Characteristics, the pressure reached 10MPa when the friction is much smaller than the same Y-ring.

(6) computer simulation design of the new structure: through the use of finite element analysis (FEA) and ANSYS and other commercial software to simulate the application of contact conditions under the seal state, through the structural parameters to adjust the elimination of edge stress concentration or stress peak, the overall stress Uniform distribution, the friction surface of the lubricating oil film is easier to form and difficult to squeeze out, so the friction decreases, wear resistance, service life extension. In addition, the computer simulation design can also save a lot of test funds and human and material resources, greatly shorten the product development cycle, improve reliability.