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PTFE Seals Omnidirectional Functionality

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

PTFE Seals Omnidirectional functionality

PTFE seal is a new type of sealing products, is a new breakthrough in the field of sealing technology at home and abroad, it changed the traditional use of static seal, is a new concept of high-quality practical seal, is a wide range of significance Functional sealing products. PTFE seal, with its excellent function, to replace the Teflon sealing tape and other sealing material sealing tape, more and more by the various types of sealing industry welcome and widely used. It can effectively eliminate all kinds of machinery and equipment, fuel tank cover, cylinder end cover, gear box cover, all kinds of pipe flanges, devices, storage and transportation containers, towers, tanks, especially long and short metal production initiatives Of the leakage, to strengthen the sealing efficiency, is the industry production enterprises and related industries to solve the gas, liquid media "run, run, drop, drain", an effective tool for radical leakage.

PTFE seal is a new type of sealing products, can replace the gasket, gaskets and other sealing products, it is a unique processing technology made of a very strange and strange seal material. It is a continuous strip of pure white PTFE products, with good flexibility, compression resilience, creep resistance, high and low temperature resistance and excellent resistance to erosion, no aging, self-lubricating The Sealing machine is excellent, the installation is extremely convenient, is the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage, electronics, electricity, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries ideal sealing material.

PTFE seal, because of its soft, large compression ratio, three-dimensional space easy to shape, can be embedded into the micro-cracks and damage at the crack plugging, especially in acid, alkali, anti-erosion and non-metallic equipment, large diameter container connection effect Raised, can effectively protect the brittle material of the device connection. For such as glass, ceramics, graphite, plastic and other non-metallic devices, very extraordinary role. It can compensate and balance due to defects, machining, rigid deformation, installation dislocation and other forms of error, the balance of preload is not uniform, can effectively solve the complex premise of the various measures of leakage

Used as anti-corrosion materials

PTFE material to overcome the ordinary plastic, metal and other intolerance of the shortcomings of the oil, chemicals, textile industry has become the main anti-erosion materials. Such as for the manufacture of transporting corrosive gas transmission pipe, exhaust pipe, steam pipe and so on.

Used as oil-free material

PTFE friction coefficient is the lowest, so fill the mechanical parts for oil-free oil the best material. Such as paper, food, textile and other areas with lubricants easily tainted the product, PTFE solution to this setback.