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PTFE Seals Its Wear / Change Has A Certain Law

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

PTFE Seals Its wear / change has a certain law

The so-called wear / tear is the case where the PTFE seal is too long in the machine for a long period of time due to wear or disassembly (because it is cold flow characteristics, deformation is not effective after sealing) or when the flange bolts are tightened Variants and other phenomena.

The wear / modification of the PTFE seal is one of the main factors that cause leakage. The greater the wear / change, the less sealed the sealing performance of the PTFE seal.

For a specific material PTFE seal, the wear / deformation of a certain law, the degree of wear / change and the seal of the exercise intensity, intensity, temperature, operating time and other conditions are closely related, and PTFE sealing process parameters and Structural parameters of the relationship is not large.

In the process of compensating for wear and tear, graphite is superior to that of asbestos, PTFE, etc., so we often add graphite to the worn parts.

In most technical areas have important significance of the sealing problem, has been more and more attention, it is not only because the material leakage will cause energy waste, more importantly, if flammable, explosive, toxic media Leakage, but also lead to catastrophic accidents. Such as the US Challenge Space shuttle crash, is due to rocket booster mechanical joints at the O-type PTFE coil caused by the failure. In the world, major accidents due to sealing failures occur almost every year.

 With the rapid development of modern engineering, high temperature sealing, low temperature sealing, ultra-low temperature polytetrafluoroethylene seal, high pressure polytetrafluoroethylene, high vacuum polytetrafluoroethylene, high speed Teflon and a variety of flammable, Strong corrosive media, containing silt and other suspended particulate media of polytetrafluoroethylene have been generated, the corresponding polytetrafluoroethylene put forward higher requirements. In order to ensure that the PTFE seal has a good sealing performance and long service life, in addition to should have a reasonable sealing structure and manufacturing process, the more important is to have a good sealing material.

Therefore, for the sealing device, if the structure is the lead, the process is guaranteed, then the material is the foundation. In other words, the sealing material is to ensure that the PTFE seal PTFE insulation and the life of the key.

 The progress of the sealing level has been closely linked to the development of polytetrafluoroethylene sealing materials. Modern engineering requirements for seals, to a large extent, is a requirement for polytetrafluoroethylene sealing materials.

 The performance of Teflon sealing material directly affects the sealing level, from the polytetrafluoroethylene sealing material to allow the temperature range, friction and wear resistance, stability, process and economic aspects of the exposition of polytetrafluoroethylene The performance of the sealing material is the key to ensuring sealing and service life.