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PTFE Rod Widely Used

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

PTFE Rod widely used

Glass fiber coated PTFE products with its excellent performance, it is widely used in aviation, paper, food, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, clothing, chemicals, glass, medicine, electronics, insulation, construction (roof membrane structure Base cloth), grinding wheel slices, machinery and other fields. Can be used for anti-corrosion coating, lining and liner, anti-stick transport belt, high frequency CCL, building film, insulation materials, microwave drying conveyor belt, flexible compensator, friction material, etc. do food heating, Etc., microwave gaskets, microwave drying zone. Plastic, rubber, anti-stick lining, gaskets, masks, etc., the use of carpet and so on. According to the different thickness, for a variety of drying machinery conveyor belt, such as dried herbs, tea, food, chemical agents, adhesive tape, sealing tape for a variety of petrochemical pipe anti-erosion package, electronic appliances Insulation, temperature package complex materials, power plant desulfurization of environmental protection and so on. A, Teflon rod diameter error change big:

1. Screw work speed is not smooth. 2. The barrel heating temperature is shaken. 3. Porous plate at the filter obstruction. 4. Traction speed is not smooth.

Second, Teflon rod roundness irregular: 1. Mold mold temperature shake. Extrusion molding melt temperature is not chaos. 2. Screw wear serious, extrusion melt pressure is not chaos. 3. Tractor operation is not smooth.

Third, the appearance of products rough, dull: 1. Machine heating temperature is low, the material is not average plastic. 2. Mold mold temperature is low. 3. Filter break, speculation in the impurities and more. 4. Mold in the die or set the shape of the inside and outside the shape of rough, smooth finish.

Fourth, the appearance of Teflon rods have bubbles or silver: 1. Material boring disposal of different grid, the quality of speculation in the high water content. 2. Heating barrel temperature is high.

5, out of broken material: 1. For the bucket entrance obstruction

Single screw extruder 2. The barrel feed section temperature is too high. 3. Filter impurities on the network, obstruction filter. 4. Mold mold temperature is too low, the melt running resistance.

6, extruded PTFE rods do not go straight: 1. Die or sizing sets of temperature difference is too large. 2. Product cooling stereotypes cooling uneven. 3. Auxiliary machine and extruder homework center line is not a straight line. 4. The inlet and outlet of the cooling water tank are different from the die. 5. products are not full of cooling. Teflon rods are used to process a variety of gaskets, sealants and lubricating materials for working in corrosive media, including electrically insulating parts used at various frequencies, etc. Teflon rods are in use What is the upper hand?

1, Teflon rods life is relatively long, if it is long-term use, then more economical than glass products.

2, will not stick any impurities.

3, high temperature, low temperature resistance. In the minus 180 degrees Celsius and zero 260 degrees Celsius can be normal work.

4, non-toxic pollution-free. Because of its physiological inertia, it can be implanted in the human body, but also on the human body will not produce any harm.

5, Naisuan Jian, resistant to erosion. In addition to liquid fluoride and molten metal sodium can resist any other chemical.