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PTFE Rod Corrosive Media

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 23, 2017

PTFE Rod Corrosive media

Teflon rods

Teflon bar is a non-filled polytetrafluoroethylene resin suitable for the processing of various gaskets, seals and lubricating materials working in corrosive media and electrically insulating parts for use at various frequencies. (Which may contain recycled polytetrafluoroethylene resin) by molding, paste extrusion or plunger extrusion process.


The use of a wide temperature range (from -200 degrees to +260 degrees Celsius).

Basically all chemicals are corrosive except for some fluoride and alkaline metal fluids.

Excellent mechanical properties include anti-aging properties especially for bending and swing applications.

Outstanding flame retardancy (in accordance with ASTM-D635 and D470 test steps, in the air is classified as flame retardant material.

Excellent insulation properties (regardless of frequency and temperature)

Low water absorption, and has a series of unique properties such as self-lubricating and non-sticky.

PTFE molded board advantages

Rich color, woody realistic, monochrome color pure and brilliant, no cracking is not deformed.As the plastic door four board seal into one, do not need to edge, to solve the edge of the long time may open the problem of plastic.

Mold plate defects

Can not be long-term contact or close to high temperature objects, while the design of the main body can not be too long too large, or easy to deformation in the kitchen is best not to smoke, cigarette butts will burn the surface of the film surface film.

Molded plate to buy

In the choice of the title because the consumer has little or never heard of the individual manufacturers took the opportunity to complicate the concept of specialization, in order to raise the value of earned high profits, consumers should pay attention to this point.

1) The thickness of the film skin. Good molded plate film thick skin, the processing technology has certain requirements. After the substrate after the carved stereotypes, thin film is easy to completely cover the film thickness is difficult to plastic. But the thick film skin is more wear-resistant, after forming the molded body as a whole cupboard chill cold shrinkage probability is relatively small.

2) to see the processing of the plastic. Good machine out of the molding plate out of the corner should be uniform, no extra horns, no gap out. Corner treatment is not easy to curl curl. Processing workshop should be no So that the shape of the rear surface will not have a grainy bumps.

3) glue must be environmentally friendly, bad glue is likely to cause the whole plate of the molding plate of the film bubble, shedding, curling.

4) to see the edge of the substrate there is no burst, if there is the phenomenon of burst mouth, a long time, the moisture into the door, the film will be easy to curl.