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PTFE Product Wide Temperature Range

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 16, 2017

PTFE Product Wide temperature range

There are many products on polytetrafluoroethylene now, but there is little to know about its origin. To be honest, the birth of this material is still very accidental, very dramatic, like the invention of Coca-Cola, is surprisingly surprised.

Teflon was Roy Plunkett, who attempted to produce new chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants in 1938, unexpectedly discovered that tetrafluoroethylene was polymerized in a high pressure storage vessel and subsequently acquired its patent rights in 1941 and in 1944 with "Teflon" The name of the registered trademark. This is also the beginning of polytetrafluoroethylene gradually appearing in people's lives. Since then, polytetrafluoroethylene began to appear in our daily production and life and military science and technology weapons and so on.

What are the characteristics of polytetrafluoroethylene? Let's take a look!

Polytetrafluoroethylene is a white solid at room temperature and has a density of about 2.2 g / cc. The melting point is 327 ° C (620.6 ° F), but it will degrade above 260 ° C (500 ° F) and its friction coefficient is less than or equal to 0.1, which is equivalent to the least known solid matter with a known coefficient of friction.

Chemical properties: corrosion resistance, insulation, high and low temperature resistance, self-lubricating, non-sticky surface, resistance to atmospheric aging, radiation resistance and low permeability: long-term exposure to the atmosphere, surface and performance remain Change, non-flammable

It is noteworthy that polytetrafluoroethylene is non-toxic in the normal state, but when the polytetrafluoroethylene cooking utensils begin to deteriorate after the temperature reaches 500 ° F (260 ° C) and at 660 ° F (350 ° C) Began to break down. These deodorants can cause birds to die, and can cause people to produce flu-like symptoms.

Seal of the performance of the entire machine equipment efficiency and performance have a great impact. PTFE material with corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low coefficient of friction and non-sticky, wide temperature range, good elasticity makes it very suitable for use in the manufacture of high corrosion resistance requirements, the use of temperature higher than 100 ℃ seal. Such as machine, heat exchanger, high pressure vessel, large diameter container, valve, pump groove flange seal, glass reaction pot, flat flange, large diameter flange seal, shaft, piston rod, Worm gear, rod seals and so on.