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PTFE Pipe, Teflon Pipe, Plastic Pipe, PTFE Tube, PTFE Hose

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 25, 2016
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: no

  • Trademark:tianyou

  • Origin: China

  • Material: PTFE

  • Specification: According to Customer Requirement

Product Description
PTFE Series

1. Categories: PTFE Rod, PTFE Tube, PTFE Sheet, PTFE Film.

2. Text:
A)Working temperature: -20 ~ 250 º C, Allow cold and heat, or alternating hot and cold operation; -20 ~ 250º C (-4 ~ + 482º F) Advantages: High temperature resistance - the work temperature reaches 250º C.

B)Low temperature - with good mechanical toughness; Even if the temperature dropped to -196 º C, it could also maintain 5% elongation.

C)Corrosion-resistant - resistant most chemicals and solvents, include strong acid and alkali, water and various organic solvents.

D)Weather-resistant - the best of plastic in the aging life.

E)High lubrication--the lowest coefficient of friction in the solid material.

F)No adhesive: It is the smallest of the solid material surface tension, not adhere to any substance.

G)No poison - with physical inertia, can make the artificial blood vessels and organs for human body without any adverse reaction.

H)With excellent chemical resistance, resistant to all chemicals, friction coefficient is the lowest in the plastic, good electrical insulation and do not effect by temperature, it be named "plastics king".

I)it's transparent or translucent state, Suitable for produce corrosion-resistant parts, wear resistant parts, seals, insulation components and medical device part etc.

3. Keywords: PTFE Pipe, PTFE Tube, PTFE Hose, PTFE Soft Pipe.

5. Properties:
Teflon tetrafluoroethylene monomer used by the suspension or dispersion polymerization in the system. Molecular weight = 5.2 × 105-4.5 × 107. White powder, tasteless, non-toxic. The relative density is 2.1-2.3, refractive index 1.37, glass transition temperature 327 º C, Thermal decomposition temperature 415 º C. Weight loss for more than a trace and decomposition of toxic gases. Temperature -250 ~ 260 º C, under 210 º C could be used up to 10000h. Excellent chemical resistance, resistance to any acid (including aqua regia), alkali, grease, low coefficient of friction, wear resistance, and a self-lubricating. Excellent resistance to aging...Excellent electrical properties, good resistance to electric arc, without sticky, almost all of the sticky substance on its surface can not adhere completely non-flammability. It be named "plastic king".