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PTFE Packing, Teflon Packing for Industrial Seal

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2016


Basic Info.

Model NO.:TY11
Material:Expand PTFE
Usage:Machinery, Doors & Windows
Sectional Shape:Rectangle
Vulcanization:Continuous Vulcanization
Standard:Standard, Nonstandard
Color:White, Black
Structure:Lattice Braid
Working Press:30-250bar
Working Temperature:-68'c ~ +260'c
Application:Equipment Seal

Product Description

    Physical character: Braided of PTFE yarn fiber, PTFE filament add graphite particles, anti-corrosive lubricant, aramid fiber with almost complete chemical inertia, dimensional stability, low friction coefficient to compression, and excellent resistance to compression are qualities classifying this packing among the best ones available in the industrial field. It is suitable for all the chemical compounds of chemical solvents, corrosives, air, water, steam, gases, ammonia, oils, paper stock, liquor, condensate(except alkaline metals and gaseous fluorine), alternative of rotary motions and shafts operating at low speed rods, pistons valve stems, expansion joints, etc. Apply for chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, gas, general industry, agriculture and marine dynamic application of rotating & reciprocating equipment, valves.

Material: PTFE fiber, aramid fiber, graphite, lubricant
Structure: Lattice braid.
Pure PTFE Packing
PTFE Packing with Lubricant
PTFE Fiber Packing
PTFE Fiber Packing with Lubricant
PTFE Graphited Packing
PTFE Graphited Packing with Lubricant
PTFE+Aramid Fiber Packing
PTFE/Graphite+Aramid Fiber Packing]
PTFE/Graphite+PTFE Packing
Working press: 2-20Mpa
Working speed: 2-20m/s
Working temperature: -240° C ~ +288° C
High density: 1.4G/cm3
PH range: 0-14
Size: 3-50mm X 3-50mm X 5, 10, 15kgs
It is available to impregnated with PTFE
Packing in spools and cartons
***when you enquiry, pls confirm the material, size and quantity***