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PTFE Has A Mechanical Function Better It Performance In Mechanical Function

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2016

Its friction coefficient is extremely small, only 1/5 of the polyethylene, which are important characteristics of perfluorocarbon. Because of Intermolecular fluorine-carbon chain is very low, so the Teflon non-stick.

Teflon in the wide temperature range of-196~260℃ keep the good mechanical performance, fluorocarbon polymer is one of the characteristics in low temperature brittle.

PTFE high density, 2. 1412.20G/cm3, almost no water absorption, balance the water absorption rate of less than 0. 1%.

PTFE is typically soft and weak polymers, macromolecules gravity among smaller, less stiffness, hardness, strength, stress the long-term effect will be deformed.

PTFE easily thrown when loading creep, is typical of a cold flow of the plastic. PTFE creep compressive stresses, temperature and varies with the degree of crystallinity, the higher the temperature is creeping higher. Between the crystallinity of PTFE in 55% 80%, creep up to 2% when when the crystallinity of 55% and 80%, creep to grow quickly.