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PTFE Fiber Braided Packing

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 16, 2016

        Pure PTFE fiber braided packing is a braided packing made of PTFE yarn without soaking any PTFE dispersion and lubrication. But it has greatly enhanced ability to seal high speed shafts with the addition of inactive and heat-resisting agents. It is recommended for chemical engineering. It is use in foodstuff industry. It can be used to seals of pharmaceutic. Generall speaking, it is used for where contamination is not allowed. Also it can be applied to seal all chemicals except molten alkali metals. It has perfect resistance to most of chemicals.

Main specification:
PH Range: 0-14
Temperature: 260'C
Pressure: 0-4MPa
Velocity: 0-20m/s
Density: 1.4-1.6g/cm3
Dimension: 3mmx3mm to 50mmx50mm(or as required size)

Product Description