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Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) insulator

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2017

Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) insulator is made of 100% new materials, polytetrafluoroethylene resin, manufactured by advanced production technology in China, processed by car, milling, planing and finishing.

Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) insulators have excellent electrical insulation and are not affected by temperature and frequency. At the same time, it has chemical stability and chemical corrosion resistance, such as strong acid, strong alkali, strong oxidizer and so on, and also has outstanding heat resistance. Cold resistance and abrasion resistance. The range of long term use temperature is -190 C ~+260 C.


Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) insulators have good heat resistance, high electrical strength, good arc resistance and excellent comprehensive performance. Its elasticity is moderate, it is not easy to break in the installation and use, and has long service life, and reduces the labor strength of the maintenance worker. Because of the excellent comprehensive performance of the tetrafluoro insulator, the production cost of the user is reduced.

Because of the excellent performance of the polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) insulator, it has become one of the most important insulation parts in modern industry. It is widely applied in the fields of electronic and electrical communication equipment, high-end high-end RF series connectors, machinery and chemical industry, electroplating, food, automotive, aerospace and other fields, and has promoted the progress and development of human industrial civilization.

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