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How to distinguish the sealing performance of PTFE packing

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 06, 2017

There are 4 methods to identify the sealing performance of PTFE packing.

1. The integrity of knitting

PTFE packing woven in multi spindle number and multi track machine production, multi spindle number means more strands of entanglement, the result will make ofptfepacking become durable, while production on the four track on the machine than PTFE packing production in the three track machine on the outer surface of PTFE packing is flat and smooth, this will undoubtedly improve the sealing efficiency of PTFE packing, pressing force can reduce the sealing effect, but we also recognize that in some cases (especially, using four machines may not be suitable for small size in the PTFE packing.

2. The integrity of the performance composition

The PTFE packing performance standards take into consideration, carefully designed, in the pure environment, its test indicators have reached the optimal end user, attention should be paid not to add extra lubricant in the maintenance of PTFE packing, it will make excellent performance of the original ofptfepacking not fully, because this will increase the PTFE packing the weight, reduce the plasticity, also makes ofptfepacking lost anti impact capability, maintenance costs will be increased.

3. Size range

The effect of the factors of PTFE packing size choice, but for fluid sealing association from two aspects of size deviation from the original size of the approach taken by default attitude, we should avoid that size is larger than the standard size, can be in the working condition of the PTFE packing is less than or equal to the standard size of the case, this method can make the weaving can the correct installation of PTFE packing in some special conditions, it can make the possibility of downtime and installation failure is minimized and the wheel pressure of weaving and forming sealing ring is the manufacturer can be used to follow two kinds of effective ways to explain the size.

4. Weave density

The most important factor affecting the performance of the tetrafluoro disc is its woven density. However, the braiding itself is very artistic, and the knitting density is often difficult to be reflected by the numerical value. In most applications, choose those after as closely as possible and orderly woven PTFE packing, the application will have the best effect, closely woven PTFE packing can not only resist wear and extrusion, and at elevated temperatures without deformation, thus reducing the PTFE packing adjustment, and effectively leakage control.