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Braided Packing The Production Process

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2017

 Braided Packing The plastic woven bag is made of polypropylene bag and polyethylene bag according to the main material. The sewing bag is divided into the bottom bag and the bottom bag. At present widely used in fertilizer, chemical products and other items of a packaging material. The main production process is the use of plastic raw materials by extrusion film, cutting, one-way stretch for the flat wire, after weft and weave to get the product, commonly known as woven bags.

 Braided Packing Flat yarn, also known as cutting fiber, which is the basic material for the production of plastic braid, flat yarn from a specific breed of polypropylene, polyethylene resin by melt extrusion film, and then, the vertical Cut into strips, the strip at the same time heating the draft orientation after the final shape, the final winding into a flat yarn spindles for weaving knitted fabric.

 Braided Packing It includes: raw material modification, blending, coloring, filling, preparation, anti-aging, anti-degradation problem, temperature, pressure, flow regulation control and rheological behavior, power consumption and yield of extruding process. Stretching ratio, blow ratio, draft ratio, crystallization cooling, orientation, heat treatment molding problem, forming process during winding process and quality inspection of spindles.

Flat silk process, also known as yarn-making process, it is the first process of plastic woven fabric production, but also the most important process.

Flat wire production process method according to the film method is divided into two kinds, tube film and flat film, according to the film after the cooling method points, air cooling, water cooling and intercooling, according to the draft heating method hot plate, hot roller, hot air, Spindles are molded and wound, with a cycloid winding, a single spindle torque winding, and a magnetic moment winding.

 Braided Packing What kind of waste plastic woven bag can not buy

Class 1: plastic woven bags containing toxic, oxidizing or corrosive chemicals. This kind of plastic woven bag in the long-term in full bloom chemicals, chemicals will enter the plastic molecular gap, and difficult to remove.

The second category: loading and dyeing and other raw materials, woven bags, the reasons and the above is much the same.

It seems that there are irritating taste, packaging toxic and hazardous chemical raw materials, waste plastic woven bags, we must find out whether the production or purchase, or worth the candle.