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Braided Packing Many Types

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

Braided Packing Many types

Many types of woven packing, of which carbon fiber woven filler the most expensive varieties. Zhejiang Guotai sealed only a small number of manufacturers with production capacity. Carbon fiber with polypropylene fiber by oxidation and carbonization, according to the different degree of carbonation, can be carbon fiber, flame resistant carbon fiber, graphite fiber three products. With this carbon fiber or adding tetrafluoro fiber braided filler impregnated with polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion can be used in acid-base solvent, especially in the urea system of high pressure methylamine pump, liquid ammonia pump application successfully shows that it is a very There is the development of the future high pressure, high temperature, strong corrosive media filler.

one. First equipped with a test device

1. Gasket loading system - should be able to provide the provisions of the gasket preload stress, the test process of the gasket load fluctuations should be less than 5% of the specified value, and can control the constant load, unloading speed

2. Media given system - should be able to provide the required test medium pressure, the process of media pressure fluctuations should be less than the specified value of o. 5 0A;

3. Leak detection system - leak detection using the state equation method. On the outside of the gasket, the upper and lower flanges face a closed annular leaky cavity to measure the initial volume of the cavity. And the volume change correction coefficient K, should be strictly calibrated, leak detection system resolution should not be less than 10 "cm3, the system error should not be greater than 0.5%.

4. Rack - support

5. Test flange - using rigid simulation plane flange, flange thickness t, and flange diameter D, the ratio of tf / D. ≥ 50 mm (50.98 kgf / mm2); sealing surface hardness is not less than HRC40; sealing surface roughness R plate should be between 5 ~ 10 tzm (equivalent to wonderful) The

 two. Followed by the test conditions

1. Test temperature 15 ~ 25 ℃

2. The gasket preload stress is determined according to the type of spacer

3. Test medium 99.9% nitrogen

4. Test medium pressure to take the nominal pressure l. 1 times

three. Start the test, the operating procedures are as follows

1. Carefully clean the flange with acetone sealing surface, gasket on the installation

2. Press the (test conditions) provisions, the gasket to apply preload stress, to achieve the specified value after 15min

 3. The initial volume and volume change of the calibrated leaky cavity The correction factor is Vc = Vb (P? V-Pb / Pc-P? V) where: Vc - the initial volume of the leaked cavity, ? Vb ---- standard container volume, ㎝? Pb ---- standard container pressure, Pa (mmH? O) Pc ---- side leakage cavity given pressure, Pa (mmH? O) P? V - the balance between the standard container and the leaky cavity, Pa (mmH? O)

4. Press (test conditions) to enter the test medium and keep the test medium 10 minutes after the media pressure has reached the limit. 5. Measure the pressure in the cavity at the beginning of the recording measurement. • The compression amount of the gasket, Dg, and the temperature of the measuring cavity T? And start counting, 2 min after the end of the measurement of the measurement of the measurement of the pressure inside the cavity P, the amount of gasket compression Dg? And measure the temperature of the cavity T?