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Application field of PTFE rods

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 13, 2017

Application of PTFE rods: Seal / gasket, ring material, wear-resistant plate / seat electricity, insulation parts, corrosion resistant industries, machinery parts, liners, oil and natural gas, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, instrument manufacturers, etc.

Application field of PTFE rods

Chemical: PTFE rods can be used as an anticorrosion material and can make various anti-corrosion parts, such as pipes, valves, pumps and fittings. In chemical equipment, the lining and coating of the reactor, distillation column and anticorrosion equipment can be made.

Mechanical aspects: PTFE rods can be used as self - lubricating bearing, piston ring, oil seal and seal ring, etc. Self lubrication can reduce the wear and heat of the machine parts and reduce the power consumption.

Medical materials: PTFE rods using its heat-resistant, water resistant and non-toxic properties, it can be used as a material for various medical instruments and artificial organs. The former is such as sterilizing filter, beaker, artificial cardiopulmonary device, the latter such as artificial blood vessel, heart and esophagus. It has been widely used as sealing material and filling material