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1mm Thick Black White PTFE Teflon Molded Sheet Roll

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 25, 2016

Basic Info

Specification:ISO9001Origin:Jiangsu, China

PTFE Sheet includes skived Sheet and molded sheet. PTFE skived Sheet is manufactured by technique of compacting, sintering, rotary cutting with PTFE granular resin. PTFE molded sheet is manufactured by molding process with PTFE regular resin and sintering.

Skived sheet includes normal sheet and large sheet. Width of the large sheet is above 600mm. Molded sheet also includes normal molded sheet and large molded sheet. Size of the large sheet is above 1000*1000mm. Besides, one of our molded sheets can be used as bridge pedestal, which is well received by its nice surface and high quality.

It has good dielectric performance and non-aging, best anti chemistry corrosion ability and wide applying intension range. And it is very suitable for seals, lining, diaphragm, spacer guide and bearing pad for bridge.

Filled PTFE ring has strong corrosion resistance and friction-resistance, By adding filler such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, copper powder, graphite, asbestos, MOS2, AL2O3, carbon powder, ceramic fiber, metal powder, polyamide, PS, the hardness, compression strength and abrasion resistance of the products is improved, in addition, it will have good heat conductivity and low heat expansion coefficient.

ITEM Result Unit
Material 100% Virgin PTFE  
Apparent density 2.10-2.30 g/ cm 3
Tensile Strength 22-28 Mpa
Ultimate Elongation 250-300 %
Dielectric Strength 40 KV/mm
Tempature Resist -180-+260 o C
PTFE Molded sheet Thickness 1.5mm -----120mm
Molded sheet
Length * width
  Min Dimension=300x300mm, Max Dimension= 2000x2000mm      Other sizes based on your requirements
PTFE Skived sheet thickness 0.1mm -----10.0mm
PTFE Skived sheet width(Max) 2700mm

Glass Fiber: Increases compressive strength, rigidity and wear.
Reduces creep and cold flow 
Minimal effect on chemical and electrical properties
Carbon: Increases compressive strength, hardness, wear, and load properties. 
Good chemical resistance
Various types and amounts of carbon can be added to alter conductivity
Graphite: Reduces coefficient of friction 
Reduces initial wear 
Increases strength
Molybdenum Disulfide: Increases hardness, stiffness, and wear
Minimal effect on chemical and electrical properties
Bronze: Increases hardness and wear resistance
Increases dimensional stability and compressive strength
Not suitable for corrosive or electrical applications

Product Description