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How about corrosion resistance of PTFE

Yangzhong Tianyou Seals Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 19, 2016

Teflon now Chinese brand name "Teflon" (Teflon), "Teflon", "Fu long", "Thai Teflon" and so on. PTFE is by tetrafluoroethylene by aggregate synthesis and into of polymer, its structure Jane type for-[-CF2-CF2-]n-, PTFE in processing completed zhihou has excellent of chemical stability, and resistance corrosion sex, PTFE is today world Shang best material resistance corrosion sex material one of, except melting alkali metal, and three fluoride of chlorine outside, this on can can patience other all chemical drug, is in aqua regia among boiling also not up changes, PTFE is widely applied in modern needs anti acid and alkali and organic solvent occasions. Sealing and high lubricating non adhesive also has good electrical insulation and good aging resistance, excellent temperature resistance (at 250 degrees to minus 180 degrees Celsius temperature for long periods). PTFE material itself is not toxic to people.

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